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Hansen Investigation Agency 
A full service investigative firm for Law Firms, Business and Industrial Firms, Healthcare Institutions, Private Citizens, and Insurance Companies ...
America|USA|Washington|   Contac:John Hansen
PJL Lynch Investigations & Countermeasures Pty Ltd 
Private Investigators providing private, corporate and insurance clients with investigation services. We specialise in child custody, infidelity, fraud, criminal,workers compensati...
Oceania|Australia|New South Wales|   Contac:Peter John Lynch
Hahn Investigative Services, Inc. 
Del Hahn has a BS degree from Ohio University and 2 years of law school. He is a retired FBI agent with 46 years of investigative experience consisting of 3 years with IRS, 22 year...
America|USA|Louisiana|   Contac:Delbert W. Hahn
Tactical Private Investigations, LLC. 
Tactical Private Investigations, LLC. IS A FULL SERVICE iNVESTIGATIVE AND SURVEILLANCE FIRM. We are located in Lake Charles, Louisiana and have been in business since 1990. Please ...
America|USA|Louisiana|   Contac:BATTLES, LPI, MARTIN A.
David B. Spencer 
We handle civil and criminal matters from Town Justice courts to Federal Courts. We handle insurance matters such as fraud and workers comp. We perform surveillances with surveilla...
America|USA|New York|   Contac:David B. Spencer
Investigative Support Specialist, Inc. 
A full service investigation agency, specializing in Criminal Defense....
America|USA|Florida|   Contac:Amy Kreyling
The Hawkins Group - Legal Investigations 
We are staffed by former Federal and State law enforcement officers and our Principal is also an attorney....
America|USA|Washington|   Contac:Michael O. Hawkins
Mitchell Reports Investigations, LLC 
Bill Mitchell is a licensed private investigator in South Carolina. He was formerly licensed in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and the District of Columbia. He has a ...
America|USA|South Carolina|   Contac:Bill Mitchell
Lee Young & Associates 
A full service investigation company, providing services throughout the state of Texas....
America|USA|Texas|   Contac:Lee Young
A. L. Farr & Associates  
America|USA|Washington|   Contac:Alwin L. Farr
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