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Contact: Douglas Smith
Address: Rohmiser, San Jose 5000673
Phone: 5063785668
Fax: 5063785668
E-mail: doug@willspy.com
Web site: http://www.willspy.com
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Firm Profile:
As the premier Private Investigation agency in Costa Rica, we are the only American-owned, fulltime, dedicated agency located in Costa Rica. Our agents possess decades of experience in Law Enforcement, Military Special Forces, Investigations, and Personal Protection. We are experienced both inside Costa Rica and other Latin American countries. As a result, we have developed specific methods to deal with threats to our clients' finances, their homes, and their persons whether visiting, investing or living in Costa Rica.
Area of Expertise:
  • Accident investigation
  • Asset investigation
  • Background investigation
  • Child Support / Custody
  • Civil investigation
  • Computer Forensics
  • Corporate investigation
  • Criminal investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Financial investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • General investigations
  • Infidelity / Cheating Spouse
  • Insurance fraud
  • Missing Persons
  • Skip Trace
  • Process Service
  • Public Records
  • Affiliations / Organizations:
    Region of Coverage:
    Costa Rica
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    2008-12-12 17:01:15
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