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Oset gregor - detektiv
Contact: Gregor Oset
Address: podgornikova 3, Maribor
Phone: +386-41-602-771
Fax: +386-41-602-771
E-mail: Send Email
Web site: http://www.detekcija.si
  Area of Expertise Affiliations / Organizations  
Firm Profile:
We are specialized in frauds, the loyalty of employees in obeying competition restriction clauses (and candidates for job), data on the effectiveness and professionality of legal entities and evidence needed to ensure or demonstrate the rights and procedural rights of a client in front of judicial bodies. We work mainly in Slovenia.
Area of Expertise:
Gathering information according to law in Slovenia.
Affiliations / Organizations:
Region of Coverage:
Frauds, gathering information about employess (and potentional employees)
Other Offices:
Profile Last Updated:
2006-12-6 11:49:49
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