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Private investigators Bucharest 每 VIGILENT
Contact: Florin Giurgiu
Address: Str. Ion Campineanu 29,Bucharest 70000
Phone: +04-021-3698544,04-0748491611
Fax: +04-021-3698544
E-mail: Send Email
Web site: http://www.detectiviparticulari.net
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Private investigators company from Romania 每 VIGILENT offers you any kind of investigation services helping you in your problems in Romania.
Area of Expertise:
Evidence for separation, nullification and divorce
* Doubtful Conduct
* Morality
* Observations
* Drug-Addiction
* Inheritance
* Emotional Life
* Sects
* Paternity Tests (DNA)
* Habits and Hobbies
* Family Situation
* People Search
* Child Custody
* Modifications of Economic Means
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Services for companies and persons, in Romania
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2006-11-27 11:49:22
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