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Risk Identifications pvt(ltd)
Contact: Farukh Noor
Address: Office #10,Ground Floor, Crystal mall plaza, Settellite Town Rawalpindi 46300
Phone: +92-51-4850627,+92-3005293012
Fax: +92-51-4850627
E-mail: Send Email
Web site: http://www.riskidentifications.com
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we are willing to offer extensive analysis and advice, based on our 10+ years of experiences. We are a group of private investigators and analysts, offering a wide range of prices and services, from small jobs to considerable assignments. Most of us are Pakistanis with diverse skills and experience at all levels of society, which is important to be effective in Pakistan and cost efficient.
Area of Expertise:
Background Investigations.
Criminal Checks.
Educational Verifications.
Personal Character Verifications.
Public Record Checks.
Business Intelligence & Investigations.
Corporate Crime Investigations.
Corporate Security Investigations.
KYC Investigations.
Occupational Fraud Investigations.
Assets Searching & Skip Tracing.
Recovery of Bad Debts.
Information of Litigation Proceedings.
Family and Personal Disputes.
Surveillance Observations.
Kin & Kids Investigations.
Matrimonial Investigations.
Intellectual Property Infringement Investigations.
Summon & Documents Disposal Services.
Identity Theft.
Contract & Procurement Fraud Investigations.
BidderĄŻs Verifications.
Pre-Project Launching Verifications.
Pre & Post Employment Screening.
Cyber Crime Investigations.
Absconders Tracing.
Real Estate Examining.
Investigative Due Diligence.
Money Laundering.
Inventory Fraud Investigations.
White Color Crime Investigations.
Medicaid Fraud Investigations.
Insurance Fraud Investigations.
Contract & Procurement Fraud Investigations.
BidderĄŻsĄŻ/ContractorsĄŻ Investigations/Verifications.
Verification of Documents.
Affiliations / Organizations:
Region of Coverage:
All Pakistan
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Profile Last Updated:
2006-9-19 11:28:42
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