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SIP - Private Investigator Agency
Contact: Paulo Riva
Address: Rua Euzebio Matoso 690, Rio de Janeiro,05423000
Phone: +55-21 4062-7073,11 4063-7279,21 9963-3024
Fax: +55-21 4062-7073
E-mail: Send Email
Web site: http://www.privatedetectivebrazil.hpgvip.ig.com.br
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Being out of Brazil and in need of a private investigator, hire our detective agency, we have an interpreter with long experience in the English language and he can meticulously assist you in everything you need over here in Brazil, overcoming the distance and difficulty in communication.

Along the years we have worked for several Brazilians on vacations abroad, and foreign companies installed in Brazil.

We have references from several companies that have solved employees¡¯ internal problems, such as merchandise embezzl ements, sabotage, and spying among others. We also solve prenuptial and matrimonial doubts.
SIP Detectives Agency has innovated in the area of investigations since the beginning of its operation, for it brings the modernity and technology in the area of investigations. 
Area of Expertise:
*Infidelity Investigations
* Political Investigations, mainly in pre-election periods
*Merchandise embezzlement in commercial firms and industries
*Location of hidden assets due to Litigation
*Phone call tracking for evidence of involvement in crimes or transgressions
*Environmental and phone call recordings
*Secret document survey and the like
*Fraudulent Indemnity Requests
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2006-2-17 21:44:04
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