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Contact: Andre Nicolet
Address: Av. C-F Ramuz 51 ,Pully ,SWITZERLAND
Phone: +41-21-728 55 56
Fax: +41-21-728 55 56
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Web site: http://www.iris-label.com
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I.R.I.S consists of a network of investigators and highly qualified experts in safety acting on an at the same time national and international scale. Equipped with the best occupational qualifications, those joined together their know-how to put the means appropriate to provision of local customers and/or international firms in order to enable them to carry out, through the borders, a more effective combat against criminality in the insurance and industry, business, financial world. By exchanging their experiments constantly and by sharing their competences, the members of I.R.I.S improve in a continuous way their professional effectiveness (followed courses specific to PLAIN of Paris 2). Their services have only one goal: to provide best possible protection and the best information of quality to their customers.
I.R.I.S consequently, represents ¨C on a purely basis civil and private ¨C counters it part of the official organization of international police force ˇ°Interpolˇ±. It offers the appreciable advantage to you to provide a fast response thanks to its concrete intervention. The operations of I.R.I.S are never blocked by the administrative heaviness or complications.
Area of Expertise:
All investigations, projects and achievements of concepts of safety, run specifics, exceeding the European and international borders will be dealt with and coordinated by the consulted national I.R.S. Correspondant.
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Switzerland - Europe - West Africa
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2005-12-11 2:21:31
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