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Security Service Consultants
Contact: Howie Griffiths
Address: Boero Road, Bramley, Gauteng 2018
Phone: +27117868556
Fax: +27118871732
E-mail: howard@griffithsonline.co.za
Web site: http://sscinfo.co.za
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Firm Profile:
Security Service Consultants (SSC) was Established in 1962, making it one of the oldest investigation and security advisory consultancies in South Africa. Our vision is to provide efficient, professional and innovative services to a growing international market interested in emerging African economies (especially in South Africa.) I feel the continent of Africa truly is the land of opportunity. With the increased global interest here things are about to change. It is always important to be well informed. It's here we can help. It is vital that the correct information be obtained about a company or individual that you may be entering into a relationship with. Information on issues as varied as demographics; numbers and locations of specific industries or businesses; profitability; market share; risk profiles; safety and health exposures; environmental exposures; legal information; liability as it relates to activities, suppliers routes services products customers and end users; ownership, location, subsidiaries, previous convictions; principal officers; client and project information; and much, much more - all information vital to you making the correct business decision. 
Area of Expertise:
  • Asset investigation
  • Background investigation
  • Civil investigation
  • Corporate investigation
  • Financial investigations
  • Forensic investigations
  • General investigations
  • Public Records
  • Affiliations / Organizations:
  • Council of International Investigators
  • South African Institute of Security
  • Region of Coverage:
    South Africa
    Other Offices:
    Profile Last Updated:
    2014-9-9 10:04:12
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