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ASF International
Contact: Fuad Bin Mostafiz
Address: 18/5, shamoly, Dhaka 1207
Phone: +880-2-8100411
Fax: +880-2-8100411
E-mail: fuadbin@yahoo.com
Web site: http://asfinternational.org
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Private Detective and Investigator in Bangladesh

ASF International provides a complete line of investigative services to individuals, attorneys, corporations, and government agencies. You can depend on our comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective services to meet your investigative objectives. We accept cases across Bangladesh and throughout the world, helping our clients solve their personal, legal and professional problems. All assignments are handled expeditiously by trained, experienced agents.

ASF international,Private detective and investigator service assist individuals, businesses, and attorneys by finding and analyzing information. ASF connect clues to uncover facts about legal, financial, or personal matters. Private detectives and investigators offer many services, including executive, corporate, and celebrity protection; pre-employment verification; and individual background profiles. Some investigate computer crimes, such as identity theft, harassing e-mails, and illegal downloading of copyrighted material. ASF also provide assistance in criminal and civil liability cases, insurance claims and fraud cases, child custody and protection cases, missing-persons cases, and premarital screening. ASF sometimes hired to investigate individuals to prove or disprove infidelity.

For example, ASF often recover deleted e-mails and documents. ASF also may perform computer database searches or work with someone who does. Computers allow investigators to quickly obtain huge amounts of information, such as records of a subject's prior arrests, convictions, and civil legal judgments; telephone numbers; information about motor vehicle registrations; records of association and club memberships; social networking site details; and even photographs.

ASF International, Detective and investigator also perform various other types of surveillance or searches. To verify facts, such as an individual's income or place of employment, ASF may make phone calls or visit a subject's workplace. In other cases, especially those involving missing persons and background checks, investigators interview people to gather as much information as possible about an individual. Sometimes investigators go undercover, pretending to be someone else in order to get information or to observe a subject inconspicuously. ASF even arrange to be hired in businesses to observe workers for wrongdoing.

ASF International, detective and investigator are trained to perform physical surveillance, which may be high tech or low tech. ASF may observe a site, such as the home of a subject, from an inconspicuous location or a vehicle. Using photographic and video cameras, binoculars, cell phones, and GPS systems, detectives gather information on an individual. Surveillance can be time consuming.
Area of Expertise:
  • Accident investigation
  • Arson / Fire
  • Asset investigation
  • Background investigation
  • Child Support / Custody
  • Civil investigation
  • Computer Forensics
  • Corporate investigation
  • Crime Scene
  • Criminal investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Financial investigations
  • Forensic investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • General investigations
  • Infidelity / Cheating Spouse
  • Insurance fraud
  • Missing Persons
  • Skip Trace
  • Process Service
  • Public Records
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    Region of Coverage:
    Bangladesh, Dhaka
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    Profile Last Updated:
    2013-1-28 12:42:30
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