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Boehm Ronen investigations security consultancy & polygraph ltd.
Contact: Ronen Boehm
Address: 6 Koifman st . Gibor House , POB 50319, TEL AVIV 61500
Phone: 972-3-5165843
Fax: 972-3-5161624
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Web site: http://WWW.911PI.CO.IL
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Boehm Ronen Investigations, Security Consultancy and Polygraph Ltd.
Is a veteran well experienced company with more than 20 years of activity in the fields of Private investigations, Security consultancy and Polygraph. The company specializes in prevention and exposure of employee fraud, theft and embezzlement in businesses, organizations, institutions and corporations, offering unique services in these fields.
We provide professional services for clients in Israel and all over the globe and our company is constructed of five Divisions operating together and supplying the client with a turn key project : Investigations Division , Security consultancy division , Polygraph and screening division , Technical division , Instruction division .
Companies Head Offices are located at Gibor House , Tel Aviv boardwalk , Israel .
Companies Staff and Professional Teams
Boehm Ronen Investigations Security Consultancy and Polygraph ltd.'s Staff consists of Highly trained and experienced professionals, most of the companies staff are former Israeli police, secret service and special forces personnel which provide our services in the most professional and experienced manner. The companies private investigators are licensed by the Israeli justice dept., and are very strict as for the proper collection of evidence needed in court cases and are also well experienced in surveillance and in suspect interrogation.
The company uses top of the line security experts and technical personnel in providing security consultancy and instruction to its clients, our experts perform services in the fields of Home land security, commercial/corporal security, private security, installation of state of the art equipment such as Security and Surveillance cameras, Alarms and Biometric Access control systems, etc.The companies Polygraph Examiners are certified well experienced polygraph examiners with a background of performing thousands of polygraph examinations in Israel and in other countries, our Staff uses the most modern and up to date Computerized and Conventional polygraph equipment.
Mr. Ronen Boehm - General Manager
Founder and manager of the company. Licensed private investigator, security consultant and certified polygraph examiner with more than 20 years of experience in the civil market along with security, investigative and detective services for the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli Police. Served in the IDF as a Military Police Investigator and was later part of a hostage situation special group receiving special Anti terrorism and crowd control training, also provided military police forensic comparison work in the field of weapons identification for the IDF.Later performed security services in the United states and also served several years as a Detective and Investigator in the Israeli Police Elite Centeral unit in Tel Aviv. Specializes in intelligence and investigations, security consultancy and loss prevention as a private investigator and also as Chief of Security and security Director for several leading firms / corporations in Israel. Ronen supervises all of the companies activities and operations in all different divisions and also Performs polygraph examinations in all fields. Provides training of professionals in the fields of Intelligence, Investigations, Surveillance, Police work, Suspect interrogation, Polygraph, Security management, Loss prevention, and Employee fraud.
Member of the Israeli Bureau of Private Investigations (IBPA), the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA),The European Polygraph Association (EPA), the British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA), the Israeli Computerized Polygraph Association (ICPA) and of the Israeli Forum for Security.
Area of Expertise:
  • Accident investigation
  • Arson / Fire
  • Asset investigation
  • Background investigation
  • Child Support / Custody
  • Civil investigation
  • Computer Forensics
  • Corporate investigation
  • Crime Scene
  • Criminal investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Financial investigations
  • Forensic investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • General investigations
  • Infidelity / Cheating Spouse
  • Insurance fraud
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