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Should You Hire an Investigator to Do a Background Check?

What is a Background Check?

A background check can be considered a type of surveillance that involves finding out about a person's history. For example, information can be gathered about a person's employment history, criminal background and financial history. This type of investigation can be extremely detailed and can help you find out about a person's sex offender status, debts, credit history, liens and judgments, sources of income, professional licenses held, address history, relatives and ancestry and much more. Investigations can also be conducted on a company or an association in order to find out about its financial health, funding sources and ownerships

Are Background Checks Legal?

The law does not prohibit checking a person or company's history. However, for some background cases, such as searching outstanding warrants and certain criminal matters, there are federal laws that restrict the information that can be reported. Regardless, a great deal of personal information can be discovered and reported. For this reason, it can be useful to hire a licensed private investigator who has police experience. They not only know the limits of the law, but also have extensive investigative experience that allow them to find sources of information that are hidden to less experienced searchers.

Why Hire a PI to do a Background Check?

An experienced investigator can not only provide you the background information that you want but also provide you with the documentation and interpretation that you need to understand it all. It is relatively simple these days to do your own background check. But it is possible to miss crucial details and not get the full story on the person you are investigating. And f you are dealing with a potential civil or or criminal case, you want to make sure that you are staying within the law and using the information in the most effective manner. For this reason, hiring a former police detective, who is also a private investigator can be very useful. A well-documented background check is an important way to discover previous misdeeds such as stealing, embezzlement, insurance fraud and other acts.

By Scott Prendergast

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