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Annual Employee Background Checks

Sure, you screened for criminal records at the time of hire, but what has happened lately? Risk Management does not stop after the employee is hired, and an annual employee background check can usually be processed for much less cost than the initial screen.

Your employees are at work an average of 2080 hours a year. What happens the other 6000 hours? Many industries such as trucking, health care and professionally licensed employees require annual screening, but the trend is on the rise for more and more employers to implement a routine annual background check, and for good reason. An employee involved in drug related or violent crimes can have a negative impact on the risk factor for workplace violence, internal theft, or crimes against customers.

Consider an Annual Employee Background Check. Crimcheck.com is now offering 30% off the cost of a criminal records check for employee’s who have had their background check completed through Crimcheck.com in the last 12 months.

This was posted by Barry Snyder on December 7, 2009
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