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  1. Why should I register?

    To be able to use all the features on this board and communicate with other members more easily, the administrator will probably require that you register for a member account. Registration is free and only takes a while to complete.
    For more information on these items,  please see  the relevant sections in this documentation.

  2. Why is "Log in too frequently, Do it or contact the moderating team after a short rest."shown after I have logged in several times?
    For security,error sign_up is limited, and you can try to log in after five minutes. If somebody else  is trying to get your password unlawfully,  you can still use your account normally.
  3. How can I get the value of users' Point?
    You can get your Point value from the following.
       - You will get  2 score(s) for your  Point by starting a new topic.
       - You will get 1 scores for your Point by posting a new reply.
       - If your topic is marked as marrow topic, you will get 5 more scores for your Point.
  4. Diagram of users'Grade
    Grade 1 12
    Grade 2 25
    Grade 3 50
    Grade 4 80
    Grade 5 150
    Grade 6 250
    Grade 7 400
    Grade 8 700
    Grade 9 1000
    Grade 10 1500
    Grade 11 2500
    Grade 12 5000
    Grade 13 8000
    Grade 14 12000
    Grade 15 20000
    Grade 16 30000
    Grade 17 40000
    Grade 18 50000
    Grade 19 60000
    Grade 20 99999

Searching Topics and Posts

The search feature is designed to allow you to quickly find topics and posts that include the keywords you entered.

The search system  is  easy and convenient to use,  enter a Topic Title  into the search box, and you can restrict which way you search with the RadioBox. Be sure that "ASP" and "asP" is the same for searching.

Using AND

You needn't use "and" when searching,for the search system will automatically add "AND" between the keywords.  If you wanna search  more precisely,  enter some more keywords.

For example:If you want to search a topic with both "SQL" and "syntax","SQL syntax" is enough, and don't type "SQL and syntax" in the search box.

How to search more precisely?

Sometimes you will get too many Search Results,so to search more precisely, you should type more keywords in the search box.

Is "OR"or"AND"available?

Don't use "AND" or "OR". Since the system doesn't support "OR" searching,"or including A,or including B" is invalid. For example:  If you want to search "SQL" or "Oracle", you must search "SQL" and "Oracle" separately in the forum .

The neglected

Usually,such noise words as "I" ,"am"and some single letters or characters are easily neglected.

Why aren't several Search Results explicit?

For high searching speed,  only the first part of those which conform with what you are to search   is offered, and only the number of the results is precise to be shown.

Recommend OS/IE

Compatible IE:
    Internet Explorer 3.0 or later version
    Netscape 4.0 or later version
    Opera 4.0 with Java or later version
Recommend OS/IE/platform:
    Internet Explorer 5.0 or later version
    Netscape 6.0 or later version
    Opera 5.11 with Java or later version

    For security of your secrets and OS,  and better use of our website,  you
    are advised on using Internet Explorer 5.0 or later version.

Best screen resolution

    800 x 600  or  1024 x 768

The pictures with extension of the following:

    jpg gif jpeg jpe png bmp psd tif sgi tga iff pcx dcx pbm pgm ppm
    pnm miff xbm xpm ico icl emf hru jif prc wrl wbmp

What is the Security Code for?

1.When to post or log in, you must enter the character code shown in the image.
2.It's to prevent bad users putting advertisements and such other articles on the forum and to make you get better service.
3.You needn't remember the code, and it works only this time, not next time.

      For some reasons, some pages or topics can't be accessed.

      Here are the reasons:

      1.You haven't registered and if you want to access,you must register first and login as a member.

      2.Only open for Forum Moderator or the upper: The Board that only Forum Moderators can access is generally
      a functional board where Forum Moderators communicate with each other.

      3.Only open for Certificated Membes: There are two kinds of Members: Normal and Certificated Membes.

      4.Functional Forum: Access the forum by inputting your passcode which is offered by masters(sometimes as well as security code).

      5.Guests can start a topic or reply a post in the Open Forums,if there is any.

      6.Limitedly-open Forum: This kind of forum is open only during specified period.

      7.The posts which can be read after being verified: This kind of posts can be read after being verified.

      8.Restricted Board: Accessed by some special members.

      The article restriction includes the following kinds:

      1.To read it,users must have enough Point which can be got by posting or in other ways.It is to increase the Popularity of the forum.   It won't cut down a user's Points.

      2.To read it,users must have enough Exp which is got by online time and used to judge a user's online time. Users can get 1 Exp per minute and it won't cut down Exp after reading a post.

      3.To buy the topic, a user need enough Point to pay: A user can read it only after logging in and having bought it and only if they have the same Point as is shown somewhere. After you read, the system will give these Points to the post starter.

      4.The topics that only Forum Moderator of this Board can access: This kind of topics can be read only by Forum Moderators, such masters as Chief Moderators or the upper.

      5.The topics that only Forum Moderators can access: This kinds of topics can be read only by Forum Moderators or the upper.

      6.The topics that only Certificated Membes can access: To read this kind of topics, a user must be Certificated Membe. There are two kinds of members, normal and certified members. The latter must be certified by masters.

    Legend of Forum

      New posts forum

      No new posts forum

      Glogally-pinned topic which can be seen on any board

      Category pinned topic which can be seen on the current category below the globally-pinned topics

      Pinned topic which is seen on every board top

      Vote topic

      New topic

      Hot topic

      Normal topic

      Locked topic

      Access the author's homepage

      Send the author emails(by email software)

      Quote a part of the article for reply

      Send the author messages by forum

      Edit the article

      Be used to auto-delete redundant newline breaks,or lock a topic by masters

      Add this user into my friend list

      Add a topic into my favorite

      Delete a topic or move it to the Recycler

      Make or a topic marrow topic or remove it from marrow topic list

      Elevate a topic to top of the Board

      Repair a topic

      Re-address a topic to another board

      Pin a topic or remove it from pinned topic list

      Pin a topic as Category Pinned Topic or remove it

      Globally pin a topic as a Globally-Pinned Topic or remove it

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