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Plexus Investigative Solutions | USA | International | Hong Kong Plexus,2015-04-13 17:14:48

[b][URL=http://www.plexus-pi.com]Plexus Investigative Solutions[/URL][/b] is an international Private Detective firm based in the US and Hong Kong working domestically and internationally to assist you in any problem you may face.

This firm is dedicated to helping people who need assistance with the prevention or intervention of personal crisis, difficult life altering circumstances and legal matters. Assistance to help people with various problems anyone may face, provide consultation, create solutions and diligently apply the best method in the resolution of any matter.

That says it all, whether dealing with blackmail, involved with a criminal or civil case, being falsely accused of a crime or needing the assistance of finding a missing friend or relative, we got your back and will do anything within human power to assist and intervene.

[u]Plexus provides services[i] including but not limited to[/i] the following case types[/u]:

Missing Persons, Birth parent, sibling, Runaway Child, Missing Abroad
Criminal Investigations
Civil / Litigation Investigations
Wrongful Death, Suicide, Strange or Peculiar Death Investigations
Background & Due Diligence Investigations
Activity / Alive and well checks
Sexual Harassment & Abuse
Investment Legitimacy
Criminal Conduct


Contact Brett for a consultation at brett@plexus-pi.com

Hong Kong +852 8199 9128
China +86 136 3162 8429

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