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Investigation in Kabul (Afghanistan) watchdog,2012-10-04 16:52:28

We are the only professional private detectivesĄŻ agency operating in Kabul, Afghanistan.
We are a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals and investigators with resourceful contacts in various departments and authorities in Kabul.

Our Investigation Service includes ¨C
      Background Verification
      Corporate Investigation
      Criminal Check
      Due Diligence
      Fraud Investigation
      Financial Investigations
      Matrimonial Investigation
      Surveillance / Spying.
      Insurance
      Legal issues / Islamic Law
      Missing Persons Investigation.
      Process Service

We value for our clients.

Our secret agents are spread in several countries Worldwide. We cover in some of the hard Islamic countries and available to assist you judicious.

Top Confidential Investigation Assured

MR. Dinonath Malick
Director / Chief Investigator
Phone: +913324198844
Mobile: +919831164231 / +91 97487 94684

Emails: watchdogdetective@gmail.com

Top Confidential & Best Investigation in Timely Manner Assured

We also cover in - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kenya, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Tunisia, Yemen and Zambia.
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