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Beijing Orient Business Investigation Co.,ltd. Guest,2011-08-11 10:17:19

Beijing Orient Business Investigation Co., Ltd(OBI) is a Chinese leading business Investigation Company. We are hoping to cooperate with you in controlling the investment risk in China.
Our clients choose us for the first choice whenever they need following services in China. ¡°Due diligence, company credit investigation, business risk control, asset tracking service and anti-counterfeiting.¡±
OBI was established in 1997 as a professional investigation company committed to provide business investigation and business security services to help our clients control risk in business, investment and so on. We also have adequate experience in safeguarding the domestic and international corporations by helping them avoid business fraud, as well as by providing security services.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.
> Rick Wang
> Beijing Orient Investigation Co., Ltd
> Address: Room 21C, Shengjin Mansion, Lianbao Road,
> Fengtai District, Beijing China, 100161
> Tel: 8610-63993980, 63959393
> Fax: 8610-63993989
> Cell phone: +8618801179156
> E-mail: orient.rick@gmail.com  
> Website: www.pichina.com    
> Services: Company credit investigation, business risk control, asset tracking service, anti-counterfeiting
Excellent and professional detectives:
Our company is composed of many excellent detectives and investigators with excellent experiences and wealth of knowledge, such as Liu Changjiang, one of the members of WAD, World Association of Detectives.

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