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Fw: Private Investigator in Brazil - Private Detective Admin,2009-07-30 15:11:49

Dear Colleagues,
I am a private investigator headquartered in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. I am just trying to enlarge my business contact area and partnership, so I would like to present the resources I have over here in Brazil in the area of investigations.

I have worked as a private eye for 15 years, and our website, which is also translated into English, gives a general idea of what we can offer to our customers and partners. You who need to assist your customers with any investigative service in Brazil can be one of our partners, so please become aware of our general service.

Being for either matrimonial or commercial investigations, location services, or background checks, just get in touch for a free quote. We guarantee that our location service and personal and commercial background checks are the most complete and encompassing ones of the Brazilian market. We have access to the database of all telephone companies of the country and conditions of accomplishing phone recordings (bugging) with secrecy and totally imperceptible resources. We have references from many Brazilian people living abroad and Americans as well who needed our services.
We have several means of instantaneous communication so as to make any negotiation agreement quickly and make communications narrower.


Tomas Fulvio,2009-11-14 12:54:40

A private investigator is an individual who
(1) investigates crimes,
(2) investigates the identity, business, occupation, character, etc., of a person,
(3) investigates the location of lost or stolen property,
(4) investigates the cause of fires, losses, accidents, damage or injury,
(5) secures evidence for use in court.

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