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Need info on hiring a PI Michael1988,2016-05-18 05:58:17

Hi, I've recently been thinking about hiring a PI and want some info about what kind of costs I can expect and how exactly to go about this. I've recently met a girl that I've fallen for pretty hard and I'm starting to get real doubts and fears about the fact that she's a con artist and lying to me about everything. A little background about the situation, and please don't judge me because I'm not all that proud of it. I met this girl on a "cam girl site" ie virtual strip clubs and we hit it of pretty well, she lives near by so I asked if shed be willing to meet in person and we did eventually. I've been seeing her for 3 months now and am absolutely crazy about her but lately she's been more and more demanding and is having a lot of problems that require my money to solve. This was never a client / escort or sugar daddy type relationship but the fact is that I do pay for everything and even though there is no specific agreed upon allowance I'm starting to think that in her mind there is. The thing that's making me very nervous right now is the fact that I have fallen hard for her and I'm worried that she's lying to me and that I'm no more then a client to her, if that's the case I can except that and move on but at the same time I don't want to end something that makes me really happy due to paranoia. I've been thinking about hiring a PI to investiage her just to basically verify a few things for me and give me a full dossier so to speak, I want to know if she really lives where she says she does, if the age she gave me is her real age, does she have a bf or husband, is she a escort or sugar baby, her criminal history, is the full name I have for her even real, and probably a few more things I can think of right now. How would I go about hiring a PI to investigate her and also what kind of expense am I looking at roughly speaking. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and she lives in LaSalle county just to give you guys a general idea of the area the PI would be working in. Also I know PI's charge by the hour but considering most the info I need wouldn't be to hard to find how long do you think the PI will need for this. Thanks for reading and any advice you all can offer.
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