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Missing Person Kimmo,2013-11-26 19:20:25


I am a 28-year-old male from Finland. I have never seen my father who supposedly is Israeli. I have some info as to where he supposedly lived in 1984 and his phone number from back then. Is anyone able to help me? And how much would it cost?

PDCInvestigate,2013-12-18 22:36:48

We do have reliable contacts within Israel as well as operatives within our company who speak fluent Hebrew. If you would like to contact us direct and supply as much information as you have then we will be able to offer a quotation of the cost - often, if there is sufficient information, we will offer this service on a no find no cost basis.

Please contact us via our website; http://www.privatedetectivescorporation.co.uk/

I hope we can be or service.

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