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low cost hard case zhenglf,2012-09-14 10:56:48

Advertisement The top of the case reattaches snugly once the phone is inside but there's nothing holding the top in place so it could potentially come away if the phone hit the ground hard enough. more disturbing is that there's nothing actually holding the phone in the case except for the USB port. If not for that, when you held the phone upside down the phone would simply fall out of the case. This would put a lot of stress on that USB plug should the phone hit the ground hard. If the USB plug snaps and the phone pops out,case. I know that's a worst case scenario, but I'd think that's exactly what you're planning for when you consider a protective case.
With the phone in place you can replace to top of the case, leaving only the top edge of the phone exposed but all four corners protected. in the case to allow access to the volume and power buttons, along with the camera, flash and speaker on the back. You'll find a micro-USB port built into the bottom of the case, along with a power button on the back of the case.

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