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Smallville Finale 's Talk from Al Gough Guest,2011-08-15 10:09:38

Here was the opportunity to sit down with the former executive producer of "Smallville" Al Gough to talk about his new upcoming NBC television series "Charlie's Angels". [URL=http://www.dvdtopshops.com/en/sci-fi-fantasy-/smallville-seasons-1-10-dvd-box-set.html]Smallville DVD[/URL]

During the interview, Mr. Gough has talked a bit about his time on "Smallville" and what he thought of the series finale May Here's an excerpt: [URL=http://www.dvdtopshops.com/en/drama/dexter-season-5-dvd-box-set.html]Dexter Season 5 DVD[/URL]

Speaking of Smallville: Gough Coppede not to leave the show, particularly in the last year as he prepared Angels ABC, so he "thought a lot about [finals series] was confusing." But, he allows, "It is difficult to find any show that has lasted 10 years  [URL=http://www.dvdtopshops.com/en/drama/entourage-season-7-dvd-boxset.html]Entourage Season 7 DVD[/URL]  and I think they did the best they could."

Gough confirmed to me that when he and Miles Millar (also Angels EP) was launched in Smallville, "the final image has always been [Clark Kent], suiting up [Superman], and fly away - but in day there would be more than one thing with him and Lex   [URL=http://www.dvdtopshops.com/en/thrillers-crime-mystery-/supernatural-season-6-dvd-box-set.html]Supernatural Season 6 DVD[/URL] (played by Rosenbaum) ....

Everything is down to the Lex-Clark dynamic. "Gough said that while" it was always a dance "with the division of Warner Bros. feature film, how many pictures of Superman in the television series could result, he and Millar have always had a green light  [URL=http://www.dvdtopshops.com/en/thrillers-crime-mystery-/law-and-order-special-victims-unit-season-12-dvd-box-set.html]Law and Order Season 12 DVD[/URL]  when the time comes to finally Supersuit bust Clark and send to heaven.

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