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How to get my money back? 2468,2011-03-14 06:54:07

I've been cheated by ms Christina perera Directress of angels investigation in Sri lanka, i hired her to investigatemy husband's case in sri lanka. She asked for 900 us dollars downpayment but after i have given the money, she didn't answer my calls and sometimes if i used other numbers to call her and she heard my voice she cut off the line. This was happened last year of august 2010, i had all her emails and receipt from western union( 900 us dollars). I need to get my money back, is it possible? please help me, thanks in advance.
hstewartcraw,2011-03-29 14:12:31

Tianchao co ltd shenzen sold corrupted dvds and won't answer emails
How much does your service cost? hstewartcraw,2011-03-29 14:27:21

PLs advise cost of your investigation in AUD$ ASAP before starting investigation
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