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Left hand putter linxia123,2012-09-17 11:10:38

Augusta National, a famous golf club, recently offered membership to two powerful females, politician Condoleezza Rice and financier Darla Moore. After 80 years of banning women from becoming members, this well-known club thwarted tradition, and other clubs across the nation should follow suit. http://www.bestmysale.com/golf-cleveland-c-149.html   For too long, such exclusive organizations have claimed that membership is not discriminatory, using the excuse that all private clubs have the right to choose their members. They compare themselves to fraternities and sororities that are separated by gender, yet there is a notable difference between clubs that recruit for membership alone and those that recruit members who have exclusive access to property. http://www.bestmysale.com/golf-lefthanded-c-161.html  There are few expensive and highly aesthetic golf courses that admit only women, and those females who do aspire to play on such courses are still doing so in vain. Currently, Old Elm, Bobolink, Butler International, http://www.bestmysale.com/golf-titleist-c-132.html  and Black Sheep courses in the Chicago area will not allow women to golf on their property, and in some clubs, women are not even allowed to drive into the parking lot.  http://www.bestmysale.com
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