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kidnapped little girl returned Guest,2010-03-08 02:59:54

How do you say thank you to someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty? Doug Smith of Willspy in Costa Rica has earned my undying gratitude and respect for the work he did on my behalf recently.  I was searching for a skip when out of the blue I discovered the fugitive had attempted to sell his 13 year old daughter.  At that point my concern for the child took precedence over the skip but never having searched for a child I wasn't sure of the procedures or protocol.  Doug Smith stepped in and in a matter of minutes he was doing his magick.  The girls picture, that of her father, and their story infiltrated the media.  Doug called upon every resource to bring that little girl home.  He worked relentlessly and with a purpose I have never seen in an individual.  I am glad to say that from the time Doug Smith took over the search until the time that young girl was found was under 24 hours.  I hope one day to be able to tell that young lady about the man who was responsible for bringing her home safely.  Doug Smith of Willspy is the most dedicated professional Private Investigator I have ever encountered in life and he has won my respect for the way he handled this case with speed and compassion. Thank you Doug Smith. You truly are a hero. Today you saved a child.
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