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There are many reasons why people go missing and the same goes for reasons why people are looking.

[u][b]Whether it is for [/b][/u]
Birth Relatives
Lost Contact with Friends or Loved Ones
Business Associates
Missing Persons
Missing Heir to an Estate or Will
Locating a Witness
Alive and Well Checks
Theft of Property / Identity
Fugitive Recovery
Or Other Reasons

[b]How much does it cost to find a person?[/b]

Whether you need to find someone missing in the US or Internationally, a missing persons case might be taken in several phases depending on the situation and the level of complexity involved.

[b][u]First Step[/u][/b]
Do your own investigation first - Us private detectives expect that you have already tried locating the individual, done some leg work upfront and are seeking professional help as a last resort. Any information you have will decrease the costs needed to locate your missing person, minimizing your budget as well as the time needed to conduct the investigation.

[b]Information That Will Help in Your Investigation[/b] (if you have it available)
Nick Names / Aliases
Hobbies / Passions / Abilities
Date/City of Birth
Home Town
Cities Lived
Current or Previous addresses
Previous Job Titles or Employers
Cities they went to school in (names of schools)
Education Level and major
Online profiles / Instant messaging Usernames (Even old or unused ones)
Names of friends or relatives
Social Security Number
Drivers License or ID Number
Country of Citizenship
Languages Spoken
Cars Driven

Keep in mind, if you have even a couple of these, each additional piece of information obtained can increase the chances of the person being located. I have found individuals with just a name and a city of residence.

[u][b]Second Step[/b][/u]
Know your budget - It might be good to call around different investigators to consult pricing but it is more important to know exactly how much you are willing to spend to find the person you are looking for and have it ready [u]before[/u] you start consulting a PI. You should also tell your investigator your expected budget so that they can work with you and provide you with a more informative opinion during the consultation.

[u][b]Third Step[/b][/u]
The consultation - In the consultation you will state your case. When you do so, provide as much detailed information as possible to the investigator. This will give him or her the ability to best determine the approximate length of time to conduct the investigation or whether they will not take the case due to whatever circumstances.

[u][b]Case Review[/b][/u]
After the initial interview and a review of the facts obtained, an investigator or detective should tell you the expected likelihood of locating an individual and give an approximate deadline. However, it is important to know that no one can guarantee anything and even though a case may seem simple at first glance, it may however come to be of extreme complexity for whatever reason and vice versa.

[u][b]The first phase[/b][/u]
At Plexus Investigative Solutions, the first phase of a missing persons cases are dealt in flat fees starting at $700. Depending on the amount of leg work needed, most cases can be completed within a week. If however a week has passed and more time is needed, an additional phase or more may be needed as well under your direction.

Each additional phase again depends on complexity, length of time since last contact and any lack of necessary information needed to locate the individual.  Many factors can come into play that determine the ability to find a person quickly. The most important are which information you have available on the individual and whether that information can be used in the discovery of more information.

If you just have a first name, a year you met, and some arbitrary information that may not be relevant at all in their discovery, you may be looking at spending thousands of dollars and an investigator may not even take your case but don't let that discourage you. Consult a detective to see what they can do for you. You might be surprised even if you have a small amount of information available. [u]Remember, Be sure to give as much information as possible![/u] If you do not have much information try hard to give as much as your memory can serve you.

Leave a comment or contact me if you need any assistance.


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