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questions on technology of electronic surveillance JackMore,2014-10-26 05:55:13

[EM09]Hello! does the technology exist to bug a building over 100ft away wirelessly? Let me lay out a scenario please,and tell me what you think is being used.  A house across the street approx 100ft away decides to bug neighbors house, they use ladder and plant devices in plumbing vent pipes on roof,and near front and rear windows.Also around garage and barn.  They have powerful enough transmitter/receiver that they can hear your enter keystrokes on laptop,touch pad,and can hear you swallow in bedroom. They can introduce sound effects car/truck engines,dogs barking popping sounds-from very faint to loud enough to wake you out of a sound sleep. These sounds can come from anywhere,even from the floor.Does the technology exists to transmit sound impulses that can be varied or delayed when their heard? Either it possible to send sounds that can be instantly heard or delayed a few seconds,or they got in the house,and planting microphones inside the house ie basement ceiling(so it sounds like its coming from the floor. You can hear human voices,muffled, but you can pick out some of the words,they come through the outer walls of home. Im trying to figure out the tech used,in order to come up with some way to counter it. Thank you!
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