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The Premier International Investigators watchdog,2012-09-19 17:03:40

Watchdog Consultancy & Investigation Pvt. Ltd.

The Professional Private Detectives, Expert in Corporate Investigation.  

We are the leading Private Investigation and Risk Management Consulting Company with our Registered Office located in Kolkata, India. We work in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East Region and other countries. We are a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals and investigators with resourceful contacts in various authorities and departments. Our secret agents are spread in several countries Worldwide. We also cover in some of the hard Islamic countries and ready to assist you judicious.

We cover in -
      Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Austria,
      Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bhutan, Brazil,
      Cambodia, China, Croatia,
      Denmark,
      Egypt,
      France, Finland,
      Ghana, Greece,
      Hong Kong,
      India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Ivory CoastĄ¯s,
      Japan,
      Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kenya,
      Latvia,
      Malaysia, Malaga, Macedonia, Montenegro,
      Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria,
      Pakistan, Portugal, Philippines,
      Romania, Russia,
      Saudi Arabia, Spain, Serbia, South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka,
      Thailand, Turkey,
      UAE, USA, UK, Ukraine, Uganda,
      Vietnam,
      Yemen
      Zambia.

We are in profession with good name and reputation for long. We are happy to assist you solve complex cases, corporate investigations, due diligence, background verifications, insurance claim authentications, government agencies and individuals check to reduce risk factors in business developments, financial investments, workplace sabotage, credit rate authentication, conspiracy and white color crimes.

As per the value of the assignment, we are moving International. The clientsĄ¯ satisfaction is paramount in our profession. Our valued clients are based in many Corporate Sectors, Financial Institutions, Industrial Establishments and Distinguished Individuals Worldwide.

Being professional we follow the code of ethics, maintain discretion, and high work standard.

Thank You
Malick Dinonath
Director & Chief Investigator

Email: watchdogdetective@gmail.com
Mobile: +91 98311 64231

Top Confidential & Best Investigation in Timely Manner Assured Worldwide.

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